From her heart to his..

I wrote this for a special someone in my life, he means everything to me..

Each day’s like a fortnight,
My soul yearns to take flight,
In the sky of your heart,
It’s a task to stay apart.

Decades disguised as years,
Time made me shed tears,
Every time you go away,
I shout inwardly ‘Stay!’

Invading my mind,
No peace do i find,
Anxiety creeps in,
My head starts to spin.

Until i hear your voice,
You leave me no choice,
To close my eyes and feel,
I see you;my pains heal.

You’re my cure,my remedy,
And yet you fuel my jealousy.
You find it cute that i’m possessive,
And promise to keep doing it till i live.

Alive with you,i pledge to be,
Crazy about you, there’s no higher degree.
An addiction you’ve become,
I can’t quit, I’ll come undone.

And someday it will be the end of time,
I’ll be yours forever, and you’ll be mine,
Under the stars we’ll rest together,
In thunder, wind and stormy weather.

Death ain’t an exception,
You are my redemption.
Our journey of love has no end,
There’s no doubt, no pretend.